A Review of Trader Joe’s Breaded Turkey-Less Stuffed Roasts


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2013-10-30 at 17.32.33

I was surprised to see these pop up just in time for Thanksgiving. They sell in the frozen section at Trader Joe’s close to the other frozen veggie-meat foods. They are most likely manufactured by Gardein. These little roasts sell for $4.99 and are a quick and easy meal. If you want to try them, I’d get them quick since they will probably only be available around the holidays, like the Turkeyless Stuffed Roast (< click to see my review of the roast).

The package contains 2 cranberry stuffed roasts and 2 packets of gravy.

Here’s a snapshot of the nutrition and ingredients:

2013-10-30 at 17.36.00
2013-10-30 at 17.34.51

They come frozen so I cooked them in my toaster oven and followed to directions on the package. For the gravy I opted for using the microwave.

After cooking:

2013-10-30 at 18.09.58

2013-10-30 at 18.11.13

The Verdict:

These roasts were easy to cook and fast to prepare. You could even microwave the roasts if you’re in a pinch for time. I think these roasts are great for people traveling to a non-vegan friend or relative’s for the holidays as something easy to prepare on site.

As for the taste, I thought the roasts were good and comparable to the larger Trader Joe’s roast that I reviewed last year. I believe the gravy might be the same, which I personally don’t like. I think the gravy could use a bit more flavor and I always prepare my own. The major difference between these roasts to the larger was the fried coating.

Have you tried these new Trader Joe’s roasts yet? If so, let me know what you think in the comments or send me a message on Twitter!

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Trader Joe's Turkey-less Stuffed Roast

A Low Calorie Vegan Ice Cream: Wink


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Wink Frozen Desserts

This past weekend I attended the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD. One of the more exciting new products I saw at the event was a new vegan ice cream made by the company, Wink. The thing that really got me hooked on Wink Ice Cream was that the entire pint only has 100 calories! A serving is 1/4 a pint and only has 25 calories. With flavors like cinnamon bun, cocoa-dough, and cake batter, I was impressed!

The ice cream is made with a monk fruit, peas, and stevia which makes them healthy and natural. It’s free of common allergens like egg, nuts, and dairy. A complete list of ingredients can be found here.

At the Natural Products Expo, I was able to try the cinnamon bun flavor. I was skeptical of how it would taste with such low calories but I definitely enjoyed it. The ice cream wasn’t as creamy or decadent as other more high calorie desserts, but I was surprised how good it tasted. It’s a great alternative to vegans looking for something healthy but tastes good, and for those with allergies.

I was amazed that I could eat nearly 5 pints of Wink Ice Cream and it wouldn’t even amount to the calories in one pint of other vegan ice creams. The flavors choices are great and I can’t wait to try some of the other flavors.

Right now, Wink can only be found in the North East, primarily in NYC and Philadelphia. You can see what stores it’s available in near you by checking out the store locator. I didn’t get to write down the retail price, so if you know please send me a comment! Stay tuned for more new products I found at the Natural Products Expo by subscribing!

Website can be found here: winkfrozendesserts.com

New Vegan Products at Whole Foods!


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I wanted to send a quick update with some exciting new vegan products at Whole Foods! I can’t wait to try all of these!

Have you tried them? Leave me a review my email or in the comments and I might feature it on the blog!

Daiya Vegan Pizzas! 

I heard the new Daiya pizzas come in three styles, but my Whole Foods only had one in stock. They’re gluten and soy-free. I haven’t tried them yet!


Daiya Cheese Slices

These new cheese slices come in 3 varieties: swiss, provolone, and cheddar. If they’re anything like Daiya’s other cheeses, I’m sure they are fantastic!


Beyond Meat 

Chicken strips that taste very much like real chicken! Three varieties were available at my Whole Foods: lightly seasoned, grilled, and southwest style.


Review: Bon – Tokyo, Japan


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Bon has been my favorite restaurant experience of all time. I’ll explain my experience, then let my pictures show you how amazing this place is. I made reservations (they’re required since the food takes a few days to prepare) using my Visa Signature free concierge service, since I don’t speak Japanese (yet!).

The restaurant is located on a side street, that is a little difficult to get to using their directions. Google has the correct address, so be prepared with directions before heading off.

Address: Japan, Tokyo, Taito, Ryusen, 1丁目2−11

Bon Google

Bon - Google Maps

The great thing about Bon is that you get your own private room for dinner. The floor has heated mats for comfort as well. The restaurant is traditional so you must take off your shoes upon entry. We were the only customers this night and we had a beautiful room with a view of the garden.

The food was so tasty and was the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life. The food is a type of shojin ryori with Chinese influence. You order your set meal while making your reservation. The owners were dressed in kimonos and really gave us an experience we will never forget. The price of the dinner can be considered expensive for some, but it was well worth the experience!

Check out the menu on Bon’s website: http://www.fuchabon.co.jp/english/fucha.html

Our private room:



Our menu for the evening:


Pictures of the food courses in no particular order:















Pictures outside of our room:





And, the best part of all was that I proposed to Elton at Bon! The meal and experience was amazing, and after the meal I had a fiancé! ;) I cannot wait to go back to Bon next time I’m in Tokyo!

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Vegan Food You Can Find Almost Anywhere in Japan!


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Traveling to Japan? Scared you won’t be able to find vegan food? Japan is full of convenience stores that have a lot of vegan options. Chances are that your hotel will be within walking distance of a few!

Some of the top chains are:



Family Mart

Family Mart ファミリーマート



There are many vegan food items in these convenience stores. Since you probably can’t read Japanese, just look for these foods:

Inari – Sweet Tofu Skin Stuffed with RiceIMG_2010

Natto Sushi – Natto, a Fermented Soybean, found in Sushi or Other FormsIMG_2009

Mochi with Soy Sauce Glaze on Stick – So yummy! Sweet and Savory

Rice Balls with Soy Sauce

French Fries – Found in Mc Donald’s and many Convenience StoresIMG_2007

There’s plenty of other things you can find in these convenience stores, like rice, mochi, miso soup, potato chips, tofu, udon, etc. Besides finding some cheap sake and whiskey, these stores have soda, beer, and some very good cold teas.

If you have other suggestions, let me know in the comments and I’ll list them here!

Product Review: Trader Joe’s Vegan Meatballs


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Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs

In the frozen section of your local Trader Joe’s you’ve probably come across the vegan “Meatless Meatballs.” They cost under $4 and are a great addition to pasta and have a variety of other uses, like meatball sandwiches or a topping for pizza.

Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs

The first time I tried these, I assumed they would hold together well and put them right into the sauce. That is not advisable! They fell apart and I had a meat sauce instead! Make sure you pan fry them or bake them so they stay together. I’ve probably never had them come out with same toughness as a meatball should but I think they hold up okay. The main reason I buy them is because they taste really good.

If you have some suggestions for how you cook these so they’re a bit tougher, let me know in the comments!

Here are a few pictures of the different ways I’ve used Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs:

Vegan Pasta with Trader Joe's Meatballs

Vegan Meatballs on Pizza

Product Review: Reformulated Nayonaise and Nayowhipped


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Nasoya has recently come out with a reformulation of their mayonnaise vegan alternative, Nayonaise. I liked the original Nayonaise and was excited to try out the newly formulated version of the product.

The first difference you notice is the packaging. It looks fresh and now includes the word “vegan,” which is good to see. There are two versions: a regular Nayonaise and a new Nayowhipped. So, you’re probably wondering which one should you try.



I choose Nayonaise over Vegenaise due to the calories. Nayowhipped comes in at 40 calories per tbsp compared with 90 calories per tbsp in Vegenaise. This reformulated version of Nayonaise has 5 calories more than it used to have, but isn’t a big difference.

I can definitely taste the different between Nayonaise and Nayowhipped. The taste of Nayowhipped is about the same as it was before but the texture is lighter because it’s whipped. The new Nayonaise has more of a natural flavor whereas the whipped has the same tang that I think Nayonaise is known for. I like both, but I think the new Nayonaise is better.

Another reason I like Nayonaise is that it’s great for salad dressings. I’ve made a few of my own dressings, but Nasoya also has a few salad dressing recipes on their website. One that I’d like to try is the Creamy Italian Dressing, found here: link.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Overall, I think the product is an improvement and I will continue to buy Nayonaise. I think I’ll go with the original over the whipped.

Nasoya and Vegetarian Times are doing a promotion right now where you can win some nice prizes by telling them about your “vegiversary,” the day you went vegan. Check it out here: http://www.vegetariantimes.com/vegiversary/

Let me know if you’ve tried the newly formulated Nayonaise and what you thought about it in the comments!


Review: Loving Hut – Tokyo, Japan


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Loving Hut – Tokyo

Website in English and Japanese: http://lovinghut.jp

I’ve been to many Loving Hut Locations, NYC, Paris, and Toronto to name a few, so I was excited to try the Loving Hut in Tokyo. I was unsure what to expect since some Loving Huts are pretty small, like in NYC, or larger and more full service, like in Toronto.

This Loving Hut location is pretty small, so don’t plan on coming here for a romantic dinner. It’s a very clean restaurant that is great for a quick lunch or a cheap dinner. The staff is friendly. I’m pretty sure there was one person there who spoke English and I think it’s cash only. I liked this Loving Hut a lot.

Be careful when trying to go here, since their hours might be difficult to find on their website. They are open for lunch Monday-Friday 11am-3pm Wednesday-Friday and Sunday for dinner from 5pm-9pm.


The restaurant is on the second floor, so make sure you look up when turing the corner. You can see if from the main road.


If you’re lucky, you’ll see their lunch box delivery truck!


Food Review 20130109_133401

Lunch box/Bento

IMG_4381 IMG_4382 IMG_0439

I went to Loving Hut on two separate occasions for lunch. The lunch is very affordable and they give great portions. See the pictures above! The lunch boxes are prepared before hand and if you’re interested in eating in, they will heat them up for you. The dinning area is small, so there’s a small chance you might need to wait for a table. We were able to sit both times with no issues. The box contained a seitan or soy based chicken, on both occasions, and some other sides. I was happy to see that the box changed based on the day and what they had available. It was very good!



IMG_0647 IMG_0671

Above are pictures of the menu. I wanted to try everything, but this was my last night in Tokyo so I wasn’t able to try them all!


Loving Hut does not serve alcohol, but there are some good non-alcoholic items on the menu. After seeing the desserts on this menu, I had to try one!


Above is the vegan ramen and was new on Loving Hut menu. I have to admit, I think it was on par or maybe even better than T T Tan’s in Tokyo Station!

IMG_0660 IMG_0661

Above are pictures of the fish sandwich platter. I liked that it came with a variety of items, but the sandwich was a bit small. There was a small dessert dish that was tofu based and very good. This platter was satisfying, but I loved the ramen much more!


Last, was dessert. This was to die for! I highly recommend the chocolate cheesecake!


I didn’t know Supreme Master had authored books. They’re pretty outdated and sort of funny to read while enjoying lunch.

I’d definitely suggest Loving Hut for both lunch and dinner. I thought the food was satisfying and the service was great. I will definitely be back once I return to Tokyo!

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Daiya to Announce New Products!


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Daiya New Products

Vegan cheese company, Daiya, has announced on Facebook that their line of vegan cheeses will be growing. They haven’t told customers about their plans but posted the above picture on their timeline. Daiya is sampling at the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York this week and I had a chance to talk to them to find out what new products they will be releasing. I was told the new product will be a line of vegan pizza, cream cheese, and cheese slices.

Vegans are sure to be pleased at the new lineup of products!

Update: Daiya announces new cheese slices


Update 2: Daiya announces Cream Cheese Style Spreads


Update 3: Daiya Announces Pizzas!

Daiya Pizza


Daiya also said they expect these new products to be in stores sometime this spring. No word on pricing just yet. I can’t wait to try them!


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