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Inari Sushi (Inarizushi) is a fried pouch of tofu stuffed with rice. The rice is sometimes seasoned and the tofu pouch sweet. I absolutely love inari! Sometimes restaurants will offer variations on the traditional inari by adding seaweed topping or stuffing it with other veggies.

So where does the name inari come from? Inari is named from the Shinto god, Inari, who seemed to have a fondness for fried tofu.

How to Make Inari

My local Asian food market sells kits that make it so easy to make inari. After purchasing the kit, the only other thing you need is rice to stuff the tofu pouches with. My kit makes 28 inari sushi pieces.


The instructions are easy. Make rice and let it cool. After it’s cool, flavor the rice with the flavoring packets and stuff the tofu pouches with the rice. Eat the inari plain or flavor with wasabi and dip in soy sauce.

Do you love inari or have suggestions for making it? Let us know in the comments!