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Health is Wealth – Chicken Free Nuggets

-Health Is Wealth – Veggie Munchees

Last night I was in the King of Prussia Wegman’s looking for something to eat in their market place cafe. There aren’t a lot of vegan food choices, but I noticed the cafe has microwaves where you could heat your own food. I decided to buy something frozen in the store and heat it up in the cafe. I don’t go to Wegman’s often, so I was surprised to see a new brand selling vegan food. Although the brand isn’t totally vegan, they have many choices that are. I decided on two: Chicken Free Nuggets and Veggie Munchees.

Chicken Free Nuggets – I put these in the microwave for 5 minutes, turning them half way through. My partner said the taste was very comparable to the real chicken nuggets he remembers growing up with. There are 13 in a package and sell for $4.69 where I purchased them. I like that they were breaded using whole wheat flour. I put some ketchup on them and was pretty satisfied with them. I would purchase these again.

Three nuggets come in at 120 calories and 14g of protein.

Veggie Munchees – These were pretty good as well and had a whole wheat wrapper as well. I enjoyed these with some duck sauce the cafe had available. There were 16 in a package and cost $2.99 where I purchased them. I would say the chicken nuggets were more satisfying.

Six of these come in at 150 calories and 4g of protein.

Health Is Wealth – I think it’s great that health is wealth is adding to the assortment of vegan foods at groceries stores. I was also happy to see that the company is locally located in Williamstown, NJ.

To check out the other varieties of vegan products Health Is Wealth carries, check out their website here: Health Is Wealth