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27th Birthday Vegan Oreo Cake from Whole Foods

Ever walk by a dessert case at the supermarket and drool wishing there was something vegan to satisfy your sweet tooth? Well, there are plenty of vegan sweets at the Whole Foods Markets in the Philadelphia region. My latest indulgence was a 6′ round vegan oreo cake that my sister got for me on my 27th birthday. I’ve tried the peanut butter vegan cake before, and was very excited to dig into this! The cake was very sweet and tasted really good. If you’re in the need for a vegan cake and don’t want to make your own, I’d recommend Whole Foods.

Whole Foods will create 6 or 9 inch round cakes, or sheet cakes in various sizes and flavors. The 6′ goes for about $17.99 at my Whole Foods on South Street, Philadelphia. You can modify the cakes to say “Happy Birthday George” or whatever else you’d like them to say. If you want them modified, I’d call or go in a few days early to put a request in. If you’re in a pinch, they have some vegan cakes in the case ready for you to buy.

My only warning when purchasing one of these cakes is to put it in a cool spot. I had mine sitting on my table and it started to melt a bit. You can see that in the pictures. The heat has been pretty intense in Philadelphia this summer, so be sure to protect your cake from the heat!

Have you tried one of these cakes or some other treat from Whole Foods? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments!