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It’s back again… and still not vegan!!

Update: Check out my new blog entry on what’s vegan at Starbucks!

Last year Starbucks came out with their new frappuccinos made any way you like, including with soy milk. Amazing! Vegans could finally enjoy the tasty treats! I must admit, that I’ve ordered a few this summer. I’m usually a black coffee drinker, but these blended ice drinks are amazing on really hot days. Starbucks also started carrying some prepackaged vegan items like cookies and asian noodles. Starbucks was finally getting it, right!?

I recently saw Starbucks announcing that the pumpkin latte was once again available for the fall. I was hopeful when I saw this, trying to research if it was now vegan or not. Unfortunately, my fellow vegans, it’s not vegan… EVEN without the whipped cream and with soy milk. The syrup has condensed milk in it… UGH! I thought they were finally coming to their senses, but c’mon!

I suggest sending them a message on their twitter @Starbucks@MyStarbucksIdea, or trying them on Facebook or their idea website: http://mystarbucksidea.force.com

Hopefully this will get them to change the recipe next year…


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