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HipCityVeg, a new vegan restaurant located in Philadelphia and created by Nicole Marquis, is just a few blocks from my apartment. HipCityVeg is different than the other vegan restaurants Philadelphia has to offer because it is based on great tasting fresh foods that are prepared fast. The menu was created by Marquis and Rich Landau, known for the upscale vegan restaurant, Vedge, and his previous endeavor, Horizon’s restaurant. HipCityVeg is a fast food restaurant that serves burgers, wraps, salads, fries, and healthy drinks of many popular non-vegan dishes. I had to try two of these creations!

The Food

HipCity Veg

HipCity Veg

battered chick’n, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles & peppercorn ranch


HipCity Veg

crispy portobella, celery slaw, tomato & buffalo sauce


Let’s be honest… These sandwiches didn’t last very long! The sandwiches had a lot of flavor and were fantastic! My favorite of the two was the Crispy HipCity Ranch, by a long shot! I liked the Buffalo Bella, but I thought that there would be more of a buffalo flavor. The Crispy HipCity Ranch tasted very much like it’s non-vegan counterpart but more fresh and better prepared. I was most impressed by this sandwich! These sandwiches aren’t cheap, but are worth the cash if you can spare it!

The restaurant is small. Small enough that I decided to take-out instead of waiting for someone at one of the 5 or so small tables to leave. I decided to just take my order home to eat, but the restaurant is close to Rittenhouse Square, a great park for picnicking or eating from a bench. The atmosphere at HipCityVeg is clean and refreshing. There is water available while you’re there that is flavored with fresh fruits. I enjoyed some while I waited for my order to be prepared. There was a FourSquare deal available when I ordered here, and they accept LevelUp, an iPhone or Android app based payment service that has loyalty discounts. To join LevelUp with a $5 credit, click here.

Definitely give HipCityVeg a try if you’re in Philadelphia! You can find out more about HipCityVeg and see their menu at: www.HipCityVeg.com

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