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Chai Tea

I am a big Starbucks fan. I always go to Starbucks to study or get other work completed. Being outside of my home helps me get more work finished faster and I always chose Starbucks for doing this. I became hooked on Starbucks when I became vegan and could get many of their espresso or coffee drinks made with soy milk. My love with Starbucks became even more obsessed when they started their rewards card program back in 2007 or 2008 and included free wifi and soy milk for rewards members. Soy milk is normally an extra $0.40-$0.60 depending on the store. Sometimes baristas would charge me for the few teaspoons of soy milk I would ask for in my coffee. That wasn’t an issue anymore because it was free, and has been free for the past 5 years. On October 16th, 2012 that will all change when Starbucks makes their rewards program “better” and takes away free soy milk. This isn’t my first rant about Starbucks lately.

What does this mean? Starbucks says that they will be giving other rewards that are better and make up for this but, if you do the math, soy drinkers will spend much more than they were spent before the change. And so, my love with Starbucks has ended. I am spending the last few dollars on my account and have stopped automatically loading my card with cash. Without offering this loyalty reward, I can just go to the Saxby’s who is much closer or other local cafes that are less busy and have soy milk as well. There has been a backlash over the change from soy drinkers on their Facebook page and on Twitter. Currently bringing free soy back is the top idea in many of the categories on the My Starbucks Idea website.

If you’re upset about the change I would suggest sending Starbucks an email, connecting with them on Facebook, or posting on their Idea website.

Here’s a list of some of the changes coming to the Starbucks rewards program: