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Do you have a friend or family member who is vegan that you need to buy a gift for this holiday season? Or, perhaps, you’re vegan and you need some great gift suggestions to buy for friends? This blog post is part of a series of great gift ideas for vegans. My previous Vegan Gift Guide was all about fashion. Today’s is about food. What are some great food items you can buy for that special vegan? Read on!


Not all wines are vegan. It’s true! Many wines (beer and liquor too!) may contain animal products or are refined using animal products. Though, that doesn’t mean vegans can’t have fun! Frey wine is one of my favorite vegan wines because they do not add any sulfites and are all organic. There are so many other wines that you probably know of that are vegan too.

Here are a few websites that list vegan wines:

Barnivore     (my favorite resource!)

VegNews     (a helpful but not all inclusive list)


Vegan truffles, oh my! Pictured above are Allison Gourmet’s truffles, available for sale in a 20 piece gift set for $55. There are so many other chocolates that are vegan and you can find a pretty helpful list over at VegNews (click here). Many dark chocolates are vegan. Just make sure you check the back of the package for any milk ingredients. Some of my favorites are Endangered Species and Chocolove!


Pictured above are a few of my favorite vegan cookbooks. Both of these cookbooks give great recipes that are sure to impress everybody. Maybe you’ll want to pick one up for yourself!


Another suggestion would be a gift certificate to an area vegan restaurant. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, like me, you’d probably want one to the premier vegan restaurant, Vedge. You can find the best vegan restaurants in your area by searching the HappyCow restaurant database here.

Other online resources:

Vegan Essentials


Have other suggestions? Hit up the comments!