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Loving Hut – Tokyo

Website in English and Japanese: http://lovinghut.jp

I’ve been to many Loving Hut Locations, NYC, Paris, and Toronto to name a few, so I was excited to try the Loving Hut in Tokyo. I was unsure what to expect since some Loving Huts are pretty small, like in NYC, or larger and more full service, like in Toronto.

This Loving Hut location is pretty small, so don’t plan on coming here for a romantic dinner. It’s a very clean restaurant that is great for a quick lunch or a cheap dinner. The staff is friendly. I’m pretty sure there was one person there who spoke English and I think it’s cash only. I liked this Loving Hut a lot.

Be careful when trying to go here, since their hours might be difficult to find on their website. They are open for lunch Monday-Friday 11am-3pm Wednesday-Friday and Sunday for dinner from 5pm-9pm.


The restaurant is on the second floor, so make sure you look up when turing the corner. You can see if from the main road.


If you’re lucky, you’ll see their lunch box delivery truck!


Food Review 20130109_133401

Lunch box/Bento

IMG_4381 IMG_4382 IMG_0439

I went to Loving Hut on two separate occasions for lunch. The lunch is very affordable and they give great portions. See the pictures above! The lunch boxes are prepared before hand and if you’re interested in eating in, they will heat them up for you. The dinning area is small, so there’s a small chance you might need to wait for a table. We were able to sit both times with no issues. The box contained a seitan or soy based chicken, on both occasions, and some other sides. I was happy to see that the box changed based on the day and what they had available. It was very good!



IMG_0647 IMG_0671

Above are pictures of the menu. I wanted to try everything, but this was my last night in Tokyo so I wasn’t able to try them all!


Loving Hut does not serve alcohol, but there are some good non-alcoholic items on the menu. After seeing the desserts on this menu, I had to try one!


Above is the vegan ramen and was new on Loving Hut menu. I have to admit, I think it was on par or maybe even better than T T Tan’s in Tokyo Station!

IMG_0660 IMG_0661

Above are pictures of the fish sandwich platter. I liked that it came with a variety of items, but the sandwich was a bit small. There was a small dessert dish that was tofu based and very good. This platter was satisfying, but I loved the ramen much more!


Last, was dessert. This was to die for! I highly recommend the chocolate cheesecake!


I didn’t know Supreme Master had authored books. They’re pretty outdated and sort of funny to read while enjoying lunch.

I’d definitely suggest Loving Hut for both lunch and dinner. I thought the food was satisfying and the service was great. I will definitely be back once I return to Tokyo!

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