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Nasoya has recently come out with a reformulation of their mayonnaise vegan alternative, Nayonaise. I liked the original Nayonaise and was excited to try out the newly formulated version of the product.

The first difference you notice is the packaging. It looks fresh and now includes the word “vegan,” which is good to see. There are two versions: a regular Nayonaise and a new Nayowhipped. So, you’re probably wondering which one should you try.



I choose Nayonaise over Vegenaise due to the calories. Nayowhipped comes in at 40 calories per tbsp compared with 90 calories per tbsp in Vegenaise. This reformulated version of Nayonaise has 5 calories more than it used to have, but isn’t a big difference.

I can definitely taste the different between Nayonaise and Nayowhipped. The taste of Nayowhipped is about the same as it was before but the texture is lighter because it’s whipped. The new Nayonaise has more of a natural flavor whereas the whipped has the same tang that I think Nayonaise is known for. I like both, but I think the new Nayonaise is better.

Another reason I like Nayonaise is that it’s great for salad dressings. I’ve made a few of my own dressings, but Nasoya also has a few salad dressing recipes on their website. One that I’d like to try is the Creamy Italian Dressing, found here: link.


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Overall, I think the product is an improvement and I will continue to buy Nayonaise. I think I’ll go with the original over the whipped.

Nasoya and Vegetarian Times are doing a promotion right now where you can win some nice prizes by telling them about your “vegiversary,” the day you went vegan. Check it out here: http://www.vegetariantimes.com/vegiversary/

Let me know if you’ve tried the newly formulated Nayonaise and what you thought about it in the comments!