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Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs

In the frozen section of your local Trader Joe’s you’ve probably come across the vegan “Meatless Meatballs.” They cost under $4 and are a great addition to pasta and have a variety of other uses, like meatball sandwiches or a topping for pizza.

Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs

The first time I tried these, I assumed they would hold together well and put them right into the sauce. That is not advisable! They fell apart and I had a meat sauce instead! Make sure you pan fry them or bake them so they stay together. I’ve probably never had them come out with same toughness as a meatball should but I think they hold up okay. The main reason I buy them is because they taste really good.

If you have some suggestions for how you cook these so they’re a bit tougher, let me know in the comments!

Here are a few pictures of the different ways I’ve used Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs:

Vegan Pasta with Trader Joe's Meatballs

Vegan Meatballs on Pizza