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Traveling to Japan? Scared you won’t be able to find vegan food? Japan is full of convenience stores that have a lot of vegan options. Chances are that your hotel will be within walking distance of a few!

Some of the top chains are:



Family Mart

Family Mart ファミリーマート



There are many vegan food items in these convenience stores. Since you probably can’t read Japanese, just look for these foods:

Inari – Sweet Tofu Skin Stuffed with RiceIMG_2010

Natto Sushi – Natto, a Fermented Soybean, found in Sushi or Other FormsIMG_2009

Mochi with Soy Sauce Glaze on Stick – So yummy! Sweet and Savory

Rice Balls with Soy Sauce

French Fries – Found in Mc Donald’s and many Convenience Stores

*Update: Mc Donald’s fries are not even vegetarian. In the US and Japan they use beef flavoring. At most other places they are vegan, like at convenience and grocery stores.


There’s plenty of other things you can find in these convenience stores, like rice, mochi, miso soup, potato chips, tofu, udon, etc. Besides finding some cheap sake and whiskey, these stores have soda, beer, and some very good cold teas.

If you have other suggestions, let me know in the comments and I’ll list them here!