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Nakano, Tokyo

English Website: http://gopinathaveggie.blogspot.jp

I was really excited to find a local place that offered vegan cuisine near where I live. I came across Gopinatha a short walk from Nakano station in Tokyo. I couldn’t find any reviews on Happy Cow or Yelp, so I thought I’d give it a try regardless… and I’m so happy I did!

If you haven’t been to Nakano yet, I highly recommend it. Among the universities of Nakano and right outside of Nakano Station is Nakano Broadway, which is a anime and manga lovers paradise. There are also many shops and one popular store is Uniqlo (which is spreading across America now).

The restaurant is small. There’s about 10 seats in the entire place. This was exactly what I was looking for! My first real Japanese restaurant experience! The owner does a good job at soliciting business from English speakers though. The menu has English, they have an English Website, and they have a map on their website in English. See below.


The directions were very easy to follow and very helpful! The outside of the building was discreet, so try to be aware while walking down the street by looking for the name of the restaurant. I captured a picture of the outside of the restaurant below.

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Aside from the restaurant being small, it’s was quiet too. When I got to the restaurant, there was only one other person there. After we got there around 2pm, the restaurant filled up quickly. There are indian spices and beans among other items for sale by the sliding door. The restaurant also had bookshelves filled with interested books for those traveling alone.

The menu is very vegan friendly. I assume they only use egg or dairy in some of the items but most menu items state they can be made vegan as well. I went for the set, which was vegan. Here are some photos of the menu:
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2014-07-13 at 13.13.36

2014-07-13 at 13.13.51

The vegan set was only 900¥ or about $9 US Dollars. Everything is made fresh to order, which made the meal even more delightful. The soup was light, but very flavorful. The dressing on the salad was tahini and some other green vegetable blended. The potatoes were my favorite, with a mustard on top. The avocado was spicy, and the tomatoes balanced out the spice. These were really good as well. Check out my photos:

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2014-07-13 at 13.35.58

2014-07-13 at 13.36.02

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2014-07-13 at 13.26.21

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I thought the meal was satisfying and affordable. After seeing a vegan tiramisu on the board for dessert, I had to try it! It was very good and recommended! They also had a carrot cake, but I’ll have to try that next time!

2014-07-13 at 14.07.38

Like most places in Japan, this restaurant is CASH ONLY. Although some say the restaurant is an Indian restaurant, I wouldn’t really call it that. It’s more Indian inspired Japanese food. Indian food is much heavier than this. I can’t wait to go back here!

After the restaurant, we headed to the 68th annual Mitama Matsuri Festival in Tokyo! That was a great experience for my first festival in Japan. You can check out a video of it here:

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