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Japanese Fruit Flavored Soy Milks(From left: Mango, Strawberry, Melon, Yuzu)

Japan has an amazing variety of soy milks. In America, it’s easy to find chocolate, vanilla, and plain soy milk. Here in Japan, there are fruit flavors coffee and tea flavors along with many others. For this blog post, I will review some of the fruit flavors you can find at grocery stores in Japan.

You can find these small soy milk boxes at convenience stores like 7/11, Family Mart, and Lawson. You can also find them at grocery stores as well. They sell for about 80¥-100¥/box (about 0.80-$1.00). There is around a cup of soy milk in each. You can find larger containers at grocery stores but you probably won’t be able to find these flavors. They tend to only sell certain flavors in larger containers (coffee, earl grey tea, fruit, and more can be found in larger containers). The larger containers sell for about 150¥ to 225¥ and has the same quantity of soy milk you can find in American containers.

My favorite of these four was definitely the melon. It tasted like cantaloupe and wasn’t extremely sweet like you might think a fruit flavored soy milk would be. My second favorite was the yuzu. It wasn’t a flavor I was very familiar with but it wasn’t very sweet and tasked great. The mango was a little sweet for me but tasted similar to a mango lassi. The strawberry was probably my least favorite. I thought I would like strawberry a lot but the flavor tasted imitation and wasn’t very sweet. I think the mango and the strawberry tasked more like juice mixed with soy milk, whereas the melon and yuzu retained their soy milk texture and taste.

I’ve also had the fruit soy milk, which was very sweet for me. I mixed it with unsweetened soy milk and it made the taste much more bearable.

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