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Olu'Olu CafeI will admit that I have never had Hawaiian cuisine before, so to my delight, I discovered Olu’Olu Cafe in Setagaya after attending an awesome street erformance festival nearby (video at the bottom!). What’s even better was that it was all vegan. Yes! All vegan, and super delicious!

The moderately priced menu was fully available in English, including the lengthy specials menu. First up was our appetizer: Bruschetta with soy cheese and organic basil (660 yen).


While not Hawaiian, exactly, I was intrigued by the soy cheese. The verdict? It was delicious. It was creamy, and reminded me of a mozzarella cheese. The basil and the side of sweet tomatoes also added a nice flavor.

George ordered the Taco Rice dish (980 yen) that contained soy cream cheese, ground meat, and home-made salsa.


He enjoyed the entree, but says he wishes there was more tortilla chips. I, however, can’t say one bad thing about my entree: Mochiko Chicken Bowl (1030 yen). This is where the Hawaiian flavor comes in.


The vegan chicken was crispy and perfectly fried. It was lightly glazed with a sweet and sour sauce, and served over brown rice and a salad on the side. It was so delicious! It was perfect, and I highly recommend it.

While I guess only 1 out of 3 items we ordered were Hawaiian, it does give us a reason to go back and try out other dishes. With its extensive menu, affordable prices, and great flavor, there is no reason not to go back for repeat visits! Check this place out if you are around!

For more photos, including some pages from the English menu, visit this Flickr album.

And finally, enjoy this video of the Street Performer Festival in Setagaya Art Town! It was so much fun, and had some really amazing performers.

1-11-1 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Sangenjaya
Tokyo, Japan


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