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Vegans Cafe is a little more difficult to reach than some of the other vegan restaurants in Kyoto, but don’t let that stop you from coming here. The food is probably my favorite in all of Japan. It was dark out when we got to the restaurant, so we couldn’t really see any signage, if it exists. On the first floor is the restaurant. The second floor has a vegan store set up, which was fun to walk through.

Vegans Cafe has Western and Japanese style seating. So if you’re in the mood for some traditional style seating, you can do that here. They also have their menu in English, which makes things a bit easier than just looking at the photos. I’m not sure that the staff speaks English, but the menu was enough to get by on.

The Food

The menu items at Vegans Cafe seem to be Indian and Western inspired. There are pizzas, pastas, pitas, and casseroles. We had 4 in our party so we got to taste a variety of menu items.

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For starters we got the roasted soy meat bowl, which was a special of the day and a few yen cheaper. The taste was amazing! The texture was very much like real meat and the flavor was fantastic. While we were at the restaurant, there were a group of tourists from China. One ordered this meal and really thought it was meat. The staff had to show her the packaging so she could verify the item was vegan. I would definitely order this again!
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For one of our entree’s we ordered two casseroles: (Left) Keema Curry-Style with rice and white sauce, and (Right) Milan Style with Brown Rice in white sauce. To be honest, I was a little reluctant to order something that relies on cheese. Vegan cheese can be great, but can sometimes be… not so great. WOW! The cheese in these two casseroles was amazing! I’m not sure how they make their cheese, but it was very good. The flavors of the two casseroles were completely different, with the Keema having chickpeas and going for a more Indian style curry flavor. I only had a taste of the Milan casserole, but thought it was great as well. I would definitely order these again. Their a little pricy, but I think worth it (around ¥1400 each).
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PIZZA!: (Top) Roast Soy Meat Pizza, (Bottom) Pizza Curry Special

I didn’t get to try the Pizza Curry Special, but the Roast Soy Meat Pizza might be the best pizza I ever had. The pizza was crisp and the meat was amazing. The cheese…. perfect! I was really surprised at how good the cheese was. Being from Philadelphia, which has the best vegan pizza place on earth (until maybe today?), Black Bird Pizza, I was very impressed. I’d like to taste both pizzas at the same time to compare. I really think this pizza has the chance to win. The Roast Soy Meat pizza is probably the most pricey item on the menu at Vegans Cafe (¥1728), but well worth it!

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For dessert we got the Soy Milk Soft Creme Parfait. A large is big enough for sharing and is ¥972. Amazing! The taste was very similar to a milk based soft serve. I haven’t seen any other soft serve available in Japan, so this was a real treat! It comes with a muffin and some fruit with a strawberry sauce. It was great!

After you visit the restaurant, I would suggest visiting the store on the second floor. They sell their own dried soy meat as well as other vegan products.

The restaurant is about a 15 min walk from one of Kyoto’s famous attractions, Fushimi Inari Shrine. You can take the subway from Kyoto station, which would mean a little bit of walking from the station. You can also take the bus (¥210/ride) from the station, which would drop you off about a minute’s walk from the restaurant. A cab is probably the most convenient, but costs about ¥1500.

I highly suggest visiting Vegans Cafe when you’re in Kyoto. It has the best vegan food in the country!

Menu (English/Japanese): http://www.veganscafe.com/menu/

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